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FIA FundEdge

FIA FundEdge Streamlines Operations Through Effective Funding Pipeline Management and Accurate Borrower Payment to Facility Allocation.

A comprehensive solution designed to optimize cash flow management for lenders. Developed by FIA, this advanced platform empowers lenders to manage loan funding using multiple bank facilities efficiently, automate cash flow distributions as borrowers make their loan payments, and streamline the reconciliation of loan transactions to bank account transactions.

Works in Tandem with Most Loan Management Systems

  • Automates incoming and outgoing cash flow per bank facility
  • Enables lenders to consolidate cash balances across multiple facilities and forecast future cash flows

Real-time Monitoring of Liquidity Positions

  • Ensures lender has sufficient funds to cover operational expenses, loan disbursements, and regulatory requirements
  • Facilitates cash pooling, cash concentration, and liquidity forecasting, optimizing liquidity management

Comprehensive funding performance analytics enable data-driven decision-making and portfolio optimization

Provides Lenders with Comprehensive Reporting and Compliance Management Capabilities

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