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Fuel Smarter Approvals & Close More Deals Faster

FIA Intake revamps your decision-making, empowering you to close more deals and unlock deeper insights – all in record time. 

Real-time Data Insights Guide Every Step of the Intake Process.

Fraudulent Applications Are Identified Instantly, Saving You Time and Resources.

Dynamic, Personalized Application Journeys That Adapt to Each Applicant’s Unique Needs.

FIA Intake Delivers

Cascading Rule Sets

Ask the right questions at the right time based on real-time data, eliminating irrelevant inquiries and streamlining the process.

Dynamic Applications

Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach. Tailor application forms to each applicant, uncovering hidden potential and speeding up approvals.

Predictive Decisioning

Go beyond traditional credit scores. Our powerful AI models analyze all data points, leading to faster, data-driven funding decisions.

Real-Time Data Verification

Spot fraudulent applications instantly with real-time data checks, ensuring you focus on genuine opportunities.

Adaptive Data Journeys

Collect the information you truly need, not unnecessary data, for a smooth and efficient experience for both you and your applicants.

Integrated Fraud Triggers

Effortlessly stop fraudsters in their tracks with built-in detection mechanisms, protecting your business from financial risk.

FIA Intake Empowers You To

Reduce Processing Time by up to 50%

Increase Deal Closure Rates by up to 30%

Improve Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Enhance Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Intake Process?

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