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Simplify & Streamline Loan Management Across Products

FIA Servicing delivers a unified, Salesforce-powered solution that empowers you to efficiently manage diverse loan products like leasing, term loans, and factor-based contracts.

Seamlessly service all your loan types on a single, intuitive platform.

Effortlessly handle contract restructuring for any product, adapting to changing needs.

Set up and trigger fees automatically based on schedules or product types for complete control.

Automate delinquency management with intelligent rules and multi-channel communication.

Enjoy automated payment distribution and cash reconciliation for optimal treasury management.

Streamline invoicing with automated delivery via email, SMS, or mail, keeping your customers informed.

FIA Servicing Empowers You With:

Multi-Product Support

Manage leases, term loans, and factor-based products with ease on a single platform.

Automated Delinquency Management

Reduce manual effort and ensure timely follow-up through automated rule sets and multi-level notifications.

Flexible Contract Restructuring

Easily modify schedules or terms for any product to accommodate changing circumstances.

Efficient Treasury Management

Automate payment distribution and cash reconciliation for faster processing and improved accuracy.

Automated Fee Management

Set up and trigger scheduled or product-based fees effortlessly, maintaining full control over your fee structure.

Seamless Invoicing

Deliver invoices automatically via email, SMS, or mail, simplifying customer communication and improving payment cycles.

FIA Servicing Benefits

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Manual Tasks

Improved Customer Satisfaction Through Responsive Service

Enhanced Control over Loan Portfolio and Risk Management

Reduced Costs and Improved Compliance

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