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Craft Winning Offers,
Close More Deals

Don’t just prequalify leads, transform your offer strategy and close deals effortlessly. FIA Offer Calculator is your key to winning the game.

Unveiling Ideal Loan Opportunities Within Seconds, Powered by Real-time Data Insights.

Presenting Personalized Offers That Perfectly Align with Your Customer’s Needs and Preferences.

Streamlining Prequalification While Ensuring Accurate Assessments – Saving You Time and Money.

FIA Offer Calculator Empowers You With

Dynamic Portfolio Pricing

Analyze a wealth of data points, including warehouse and portfolio stats, to price offers strategically and optimize profitability.

Offer Stipulation Toolset

Define clear requirements upfront, ensuring you have the right information before pulling a full credit report, saving valuable resources.

Proactive Payment Sets

Integrate payment structures directly into the offer, allowing you to manage transaction costs from the very beginning.

Fee Adjustments

Fine-tune offers on the fly, giving you the flexibility to win deals within your desired margins.

Adaptive Pricing Engine

Balance customer needs with your portfolio's health, crafting offers that boost your key performance indicators.

Soft Pull Integration

Leverage soft credit checks to make informed decisions early on, saving money and fostering meaningful customer interactions.

Offer Calculator Empowers You To

Reduce Prequalification Time by up to 70%

Increase Deal Closure Rates by up to 20%

Optimize Portfolio Profitability and Risk Management

Enhance Customer Experience with Personalized Offers

Ready to Craft Winning Deals and Unlock New Levels of Success?

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